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Miss Jasmine loves her new beautiful sheer stockings but says what she needs most is some foot worship and pampering from her slave boy. She has him remove her stiletto and start by kissing her toes. “The fabric is so sheer that if you lick them you will see my feet as if the nylons aren’t even there” she tells him. The slave eagerly starts to worship her feet with his mouth and hands and then she orders him to also worship her legs. She orders the slave up and down her legs and to her feet while she lays back and relaxes, the slave at the end of her chain.

She then has him get on the bed so she can place her sole on his face. She moves her feet up and down his face and across his tongue. “Use both of your hands because if you’re lazy I’ll ball bust you” she warns him. The slave massages her feet, ankles and legs and Jasmine is pleased with his efforts but still can’t resist talking about his balls being busted. Well massaged feet and legs will have her in fine form to hurt him so she makes sure his service is very thorough. Great clip for lovers of pantyhose on a hot dominant and demanding woman.

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