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Miss Jasmine has her employee of the month on his knees in front of her. She explains that he is most obedient and subservient employee she has. Today she is going to reward him, which really means rewarding herself. “Today he is staying after work and he will worship me in any manner I so desire” she says. She tells him to remove her stilettos because she wants her all day sweaty nylons in his face. She brings one foot up to his face and like an obedient mutt he starts sniffing.

“In the early days he was arrogant and passive aggressive” she says, “but he has worked hard to earn this position and is now at my beck and call.” Jasmine spreads her legs to reveal her pussy in her crotchless panties and laughs that he can’t help but look despite knowing he never gets any. She explains that once employees pass their three month probation they are placed in permanent chastity. The slave eagerly sniffs and kissed her feet and legs. She asks if you are prepared to work hard to serve her, to be like her employee or maybe take his place? Next Jasmine kneels on the chair and has the slave kiss her soles and then work his way up her leg. She has a date tonight and likes to have her slave, er employee, there to get her warmed up. Help Wanted, apply now!

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