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This pathetic salesman is new to his job and desperate to make his first sale. In fact, after having his sales pitch declined by the beautiful Goddess Aaliyah, he pleads with her to make a purchase. Willing to do anything for a sale, he offers to clean her house and even massage her feet. This gets Goddess Aaliyah’s attention. She doesn’t waste any time before placing her gorgeous feet in sexy, tan stillettos right into his lap. He removes her heels and begins to massage her feet, tracing her sole from heel to toe with his hands. That isn’t enough for Goddess Aaliyah, and she throws the salesman onto her hardwood floor, smothering his face with her pretty feet, stuffing them in his mouth, and demanding that he kiss them exactly as she wants him to. From beneath her, he thanks her for the privilege to worship her beautiful feet. Her domination is so complete, he doesn’t hesitate to pay for the entire sale himself! This Goddess just might keep him as a slave to her feet, at least until both her toes and her house are sparkling clean.

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