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Invite to the Loss Brawl competition … in Spring. Tournaments are a significant pain in the ass to run over the training course of a month and even more of an annoyance when a pandemic comes along to mess up whatever. We only have the very first leg of the event shot, This event is mosting likely to build much tension up until we are allowe to return to shooting. In the meantime YOU all get to take pleasure in a fantastic sex battle between Huge Titted MILF Dee Williams and the Woman with the record for the majority of orgasm inflicted on the floor coverings, Sissy Ducati. Dee Williams has a without a doubt miserable hand trick strategy that works well for her. Sissy Ducati has those lethal legs that can place any type of female or guy (for that matter) right into some problem. This suit is bitterly close and can go any way. It boils down to round 3, the lady who wants it one of the most takes the W and next week we do an Ode to the victor. Loser is humiliated in even more ways than one, psychologically, literally, sexually.

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