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Two beautiful MILFs battle it out today to see that will get to put on the band on for the prize. Agatha Delicious is unbeaten thus far. London River have been showing improvements with each match she does. Today we let these gorgeous MILFs fight it out. One wrestlers is pinned and also kissed while she attempts to get out of the holds. Both girls use extremely strong leg scissors on each other. Both girls rack up support in the court’s eye by kissing as well as sucking on each other. Just one girl can win. The winner has the loser praise her body by starting with underarm praise. Loser is strap on fucked with a foot on the head and afterwards the victor uses the losers body for her satisfaction. Winner rubs her clit all over the losers back pressing the losers face in to the mat. Losers don’t reach see the champion take their prize times.

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