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Sound ON for this match!! This is one of the most sensual matches to date. Valentina Bellucci is making her debut on the lesbian match. She thinks because she defeated David Lee in the mixed wrestling that she will easily defeat the females. Agatha means business today. She comes at Valentina hard each round. She gets some take downs and pins but Valentina is strong and she is able to sweep Agatha a few times. This match is incredibly sexy with pin kissing and tribbing. The girls have fun with each other, so much so that one girl does have an orgasm on the mat. The winner is called and she decides to take her prize without a strap on. The Winner takes advantage of every inch of the loser’s body. The armpits are licked until the loser cums. The belly button is fucked, the toes are sucked, the nipples are fucked. Every inch of the loser is taken while both sex athletes cum.

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