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Kaiia Eve is a firecracker. She’s tiny but mighty. She’s been working up the ranks and she’s been calling out all the tall girls to make them fall. Today she has called out Agatha Delicious. Agatha Delicious has taken her job very serious. She’s been training martial arts and fucking bitches just to get ready for her matches here on Evolved. Today we get to see all her training in action. Kaiia and Agatha put everything on the mats for our viewing pleasure. They go for submissions just so they can get their opponent down on the mat for the 20 second penalty. The match goes to decision and the winner takes her prize. The winner takes advantage of every inch of her prize. Armpits arm worshipped, toes and feet are worshiped. Pussy and ass are worshiped. Two beautiful athletes get it on for the prize round. One leaves a little more humble than usual. Loser is lift and carried of the mats

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