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In Hungary I’m the most notorious sadistic woman so many several company and lot of private person ask for my help. I often punish unfaithful spouses, scamp employees, debtors and I work for some Hungarian secret service field offices also. I’m the most effective interrogator because this work is also a real passion for me. Today the elite corps arrested a very dangerous gangster and my job is to interrogate him and know everything about his gang. I’m sure this bastard will sing like bird and spit it all soon, so let the fun begin!

The inhuman interrogation continues and I cant keep control anymore over my sadistic desires. Now I ‘m not a human but a bl00dthirsty monster in the service of the law.I bite this bastard extreme brutally again and again and I chew his flesh without mercy.After some minutes his whole body fills with extreme deep and red marks and I enjoy this view very much .

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