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After the Smother Queen Andrea Rosu ended up filming her Smother Madness clips she was still in a sadistically, playful state of mind. The Queendom surround servant is still entraped in a sleepsack and also prone to whatever Andrea intends to finish with him. What she wants, is a workout buddy! She needs somebody’s head to squash in between her thighs and also a face to rest on between collections. The servant tries to object, however Andrea doesn’t care what he has to claim. “As I was saying,” Andrea states after silencing her servant with her ass. “I like to cover my legs around my workout buddy’s head as well as just clamp down!” She covers her effective upper leg’s around her servant’s head, pressing his face into her butt and begins to press! Andrea begins pulsing her upper legs over and over. The servant groans and also battles to take a breath, yet gradually starts to slow down. Andrea releases her hold prior to the servant blacks out, not desiring him to lose consciousness at the start of her workout! She rotates between squashing head scissors as well as suffocating face sits, chuckling as the servant’s face transforms purple and his blood vessels bulge. Will this slave survive Andrea’s workout?

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