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Since Fluffy has actually had his Orgasm Refuted by Astrodomina, he is excellent and all set for her next round of torture.

Astrodomina starts to release a face slapping that Fluffy won’t soon neglect. She starts at a slower speed and quickly amps points up as she starts slapping more challenging and also faster, rotating in between open palm slaps and the rear of her hand. As the slapping intensity continued to increase, Astrodomina additionally alternated in between barehand puts and puts while she used her fingerless natural leather cyclists gloves.

Astrodomina proceeds this up until Fluffy’s face turns a deep shade of red and begins sending out warm as a result of the constant barrage of puts and also backhands.

This is just the start of the enjoyable points that Astrodomina has actually prepared for Fluffy. Keep tuned for the Fluffy’s following penalty, which is coming soon.

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