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Aubrey is quite the little firecracker, one who loves making chadam suffer every second she can. Her scissors are extreme, her thighs of steel wrap constantly around his neck draining him of energy. She literally just toys with him as each scissor she applied, Chadam could not escape from. She traps his head over and over between her rock hard thighs, slowly squeezing the life out of him. Aubrey also uses a reverse figure four headscissor that she combined with smothering, burying chadams face deep in her ass. She belittles, humiliates and totally dominated him the entire match. Aubrey clamps on the pressure over and over, watching chadam’s face turn different shades of red, and laughing. Her straight leg scissors are lethal, and the proof is in chadam face as Aubrey squeezes. His eyes showed fear, and panic as his vision becomes blurred from the pressure alone. The pressure was so much he actually goes out multiple times throughout the clip. Aubrey uses some knotted figure fours combined with triangle chokes, and those were extremely tightly applied. Aubrey has no remorse when he goes out, slaps his face waiting for him to come to again. She loves to tease him, as she squeezes all of his manhood from him. Aubrey is a fierce and fit competitor who is in it to win it, no matter what the stakes are.

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