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Female Domination

Femdom Empire – Ultimate Edging Challenge 

  I have put together a 55 minute edging compilation challenge. Can you follow instructions and hold back long enough to make it through the entire challenge? This video is great for stamina training your cock for better orgasm cum control. Are you up for the challenge?

Female Domination

The English Mansion – Black ‘n’ Shiny Sex Toy Part 2 

  Slavegirl is in for a treat, as Mistress Sidonia allows her to use one of her sex toys, a slave encased in tight bondage, with just his cock and mouth free to be used. Sex starved slavegirl wastes no time in taking the cock into her mouth and getting it ready for Mistress. They then both make good use of this human vibrator, taking it in turns to be pleasured by his mouth and always hard cock, making sure…

Female Domination

Mistress Gaia – The slave has to implore for mercy 

  This asshole slave deserves to be smothered, so firstly I plug his nose with a clothespin so that he can breathe only through his mouth. Then, I begin submitting him to a prolonged suffocation by introducing forcedly my feet into his mouth in order to impede him to breathe. The torture will end only when the slave will have the strength and breath to implore for mercy at his Mistress. Don’t forget to visit my website Mistress Gaia.

Female Domination

The English Mansion – Cumming In His Face Part 2 

  Miss Jasmine puts her slave in intense chastity, body chains and then puts him into the cage with his head sticking out, helpless. She delights in teasing him, her beautiful pussy inches from his face as she uses her vibrator to orgasm. All the time she taunts him, putting her stockinged feet onto his face and spitting on him for added humiliation.

Female Domination

KatesPalace – Hypochonder 1-3 

Fachärztin Kate rollt die Augen, der schon wieder: “Ja ja, ich weiß. Dir geht’s ganz schlecht wieder heute nicht wahr?” “Aber wirklich! Noch viel schlimmer als sonst.” beteuert ihr Patient. “Du weißt schon, dass ich jetzt Feierabend hätte und du mich schon wieder beschäftigst mit deinen ‘angeblichen’ Krankheiten im zwei Wochen Rhythmus und nie haben wir einen Befund! Aber heute werde ich dich mal richtig untersuchen!!” Ihr blick fällt deutungsvoll auf den prall gefüllten 2L Irririgator und etwas angesäuert verkündet…

Female Domination

The English Mansion – Instructing My Sexbots 

  Mistress Sidonia is introducing her male and female slaves to her friend Mistress Roberta. The slaves are both locked in cruel chastity devices and caged, awaiting their commands. Mistress orders slaveboy to use the vibrator on slavegirl, buzzing it through the metal belt and causing her to writhe in desire, enough stimulation to get her wet but not to cum. In return the slavegirl is then told to lick and tease the cock cage, the Mistresses laugh as they…

Female Domination

Clubdom – Paris’s Tormented Pleasure Puppet 

  The slave awakes tied to the table with three gorgeous Mistresses cowering over him. He finds he is restrained and cannot move. Jean Bardot has a castration tool and the women threaten to take his balls off if he does not keep his dick hard to pleasure Paris. He agrees as he has no choice. His cock is hard and Paris tries him out. “No cumming for you, or we take your balls” the women say. Paris rides him…

Female Domination

The English Mansion – Floating Bondage Sex Slave 

  Zara has encased her slave in clear wrap, suspended on the floating board at the perfect height for her attentions. She works on his sensitive nipples, enjoying the tormented moans and making him worship her beautiful feet. She then takes advantage of his exposed mouth, sitting on his face and feeling his tongue deep in her cunt as foreplay to riding his hard, pierced cock until she orgasms. He is then rewarded with a sensual, expert handjob until he…

Female Domination

Subby Hubby – Tormented he-bitch Part 2: Suffer for our Pee 

  Parker Swayzee Kimber Woods are just getting started tormenting their little he-bitch. They command him to crawl over and laugh as he is dragging a milk jog filled with water that is attached to his balls. He winces in pain as his balls are stretched. They kick his water dish away and make him earn his drink by taking more pain for them. The ladies make him crawl around the room for their amusement, stretching his balls constantly and…

Female Domination

Kates Palace -Die Latexlieferung 1-2 

  Lady Cassandra rekelt sich komplett in Latex gehüllt freudig erregt auf dem Kanapee. Jede Minute wird Ihre Internetbestellung eintreffen, wird ihr Inhalt das viele Geld wert sein? Es klingelt, geliefert wird ein sehr großes schweres Paket. Cassandra kann es kaum erwarten und öffnet es sogleich. Ihre Bestellung, ein Latexbediensteter und Sklave steigt heraus. Leider patzt dieser schon bei der Begrüßung, so dass doch erste Zweifel aufkommen, ob sich die Investition überhaupt gelohnt hat. Lady Cassandra korrigiert sofort und sehr…

Dildo Play, Female Domination

Clubdom – Sex Slave For Blondes Part 6: Pleasured By Sadism 

  The blondes are at it again. One slave is ordered to pleasure Goddess Parker with a dildo gag while Goddess Alexis whips the other new slave for Parker’s entertainment. Parker loves watching Alexis whip their new slave and gets super wet and demands that the other new slave fuck her harder with that humiliating dildo gag until she cums. Too bad the slave cannot taste her pussy, only smell and see what he is unworthy of having while the…

Female Domination

Femdom Empire – Jojo Kiss – You Will Never Fuck Me 

  Mistress Jojo loves keeping male bitches in chastity, teasing them with her sexy body while denying them release. Jojo makes her slave confess how much he wants to fuck her, how much he would love for her to put his cock in her mouth – just to laugh at how pathetic he is. Jojo tells her bitch in no uncertain terms that he is nothing but a pet for her amusement and he will never be good enough to…

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