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Watch out tiny dick losers! This LumberJill has an agenda. To destroy all tiny dicks by tormenting and castrating them!
Once again, I’ve convinced another pathetic man to come to my house for an ass worship session. he couldn’t help but say yes! He saw me looking so fucking hot in my jean shorts and plaid shirt, he couldn’t get here fast enough. He has no idea what he just got himself into. I was bragging about all the things I do for fun. One thing I mentioned was that I love chopping wood. he thought that was so hot and powerful!! I meant it. I love chopping MENS wood! That’s right. I am not just any LumberJill. I have a mission to destroy all men and castrate their useless dicks. This loser has no idea the pain and torment I have in store for him. I will use all kinds of tools to cause him excruciating pain. making his dick leak our “red liquid”! It makes me laugh out loud because seeing him cry out in agony feeds my sadistic nature. I truly love inflicting pain on men, especially to their most prized possession! Haha! This is the end of the road for this loser. Just one less man in the world is what we women need! This clip is intense and will feed that twisted h0.rr0r movie desire to see a hot chick destroy a man’s cock, slasher style!

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