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When it’s time to worshiping my beautiful feet, this slave’s mouth is immediately ready and his tongue quivers to savor the velvety softness. But when I order him to open his mouth because I decided to fuck it, the expression completely changes. However a slave should be happy to have my whole foot in his mouth… Could it be because my “foot gaggings” always leave something memorable in the minds of these submissives? The answer this question may be implied but after all what matters it’s only my enjoyment and my personal satisfaction in watching these mouths that after they received the sadistic treatment of my long tapered foot even struggle to close. And after? … After sometimes it happens that pushing hard and digging the mouth up to the throat causes a series of gagging and bursts of vomit that deprive a slave of the little nourishment he receives and blow him completely reducing him to a few forcs enough to forc him to crawl exactly like a worm …. But sometimes I feel particularly good and I allow a minimum of recovery by ordering to take back his own vomit. This is enough to have a glimmer of strength and continue to work and serve.

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