Little Allie has been having some terrible tension in her private area, the terrible thing about this tense throbbing ache inside of her is that she can not talk about it. She doesn’t understand why her girlfriends hush her when she confides in them about her symptoms: her hard nipples, her dripping pussy, her racing naughty thoughts, and the ache.. oh the ache is too hard to deal with. Allie’s best girlfriend told her that she “should talk about that nasty stuff, but get a boy, a boy can help.”
Allie is a very beautiful young woman but she is not popular with the boys, she doesn’t censor or filter her thoughts, and a lot of guys find this to be a little rude. Allie is also excellent at the art of persuasion, or as her psychiatrist calls it, “manipulation.” She has a small circle of girlfriends, but they are all getting older, getting boyfriends, and having fun exploring their sexuality. Allie lays in bed thinking, rubbing her slippery wet, pink, little slit up and down, and seethes over her circumstance. She has such tension, no boy will help her, she rubs herself and yes.. it feels good, but oftentimes it only leads to more of that dreadful tight tension. She remembers that she is alone in the house with her father who is watching the news downstairs. Mom is gone, she won’t be back until late, so she comes up with a fantastic way to manipulate her loving father to ease her tension.

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