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Envy – A feeling of resentful longing aroused by someones else possessions, qualities or luck

The second installment from My seven sensation sin series……………I have My boys flash and mushroom to torment. flash is bound to a chair and mushroom is tied to a post and to watch everything. I am wearing My favourite white lace lingerie set, made to drive anyone over the edge. White high heeled open sandals and the softest white nylon stockings that make My skin tingle. I tease poor flash until his entire body is quivering uncontrollably, expertly edging his purple erection to the point of pain. mushroom must watch as I touch flash but not him. Envy will consume him whilst I verbally him at the same time, reiterating his purpose in life is to never be touched as he too pathetic and useless. I watch as mushrooms erection grows merely from envy as I tease flash’s swollen appendage. They are both envious….. mushroom craves My touch and flash wishes his torment would stop. Both hoping to switch places, both denied and none receiving a release……… how delicious!!!

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