Owning a man as a pet can be quite a fascinating experience for girls new to this sort of thing. For Marie it’s old hat now as she owns many males as pets. Karmen and Tysen though are just now learning about this, and how it even extends to lunch time. The girls are hungry so they eat some slave prepared food, all the while Marie’s two pets obediently stay by their side. Now the girls can see how to feed a man who has been enslaved. Truth be told it’s not too different from feeding a dog, as they eat from the floor and are frequently made to beg for every morsel of food. There are some key differences though with Marie as she likes to add elements of humiliation to slave feeding. She likes to step on the food and make her pets eat it from the bottom of her shoe, or even eat pre-chewed food that she spits from her mouth. It’s a little odd for Karmen and Tysen at first but eventually they find it all quite funny and normal that a man should be eating this way. After all, these men are merely property owned by Marie, she can use them as she sees fit.

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