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#1 in the “Diaper Discipline” category! Little Sweet Pea has been back chatting Mummy all day and Mummy has had quite enough of it. Mummy decides the final straw is when Sweet Pea refuses to fill her pampers like a good girl. There’s only one way to wipe the smirk off a naughty little girl’s face and that is to be thickly nappied over a bottom filled with a huge flushing enema.

Not to mention the spreader bars to stop her from rolling over. Mummy cannot run the risk Sweet Pea could get her pampers off and make a run for the potty, and the potty is not for little ones like Sweet Pea. Mummy watches the helpless Sweet Pea squirming and fidgeting on the play mat in spreader bars. She whinges and cries begging Mummy to stop this humiliating odeal, but Mummy simply laughs and tells the helpless little girl to do as she is told. Finally, after what seems like hours of wriggling and squirming little Sweet Pea’s tummy gives into the tremendous urge in her bottom.

What a mess!

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