Pumped and Spanked
Atmospheric, foreboding, shocking and fulfilling!

These words pretty much sum up this movie. There’s nothing quite like having the dynamics of myself and the mailman having so much fun in my dungeon. There are literally many highlights, starting with the glow from his bottom from two hands, yes they’re mine, albeit, my right hand on both cheeks! In this movie, you will actually see my hand thwacking his right cheek first, shortly followed by the left cheek. There is no editing, enhancing or altering of this clip. What you see, IS exactly what you get! Another demonstration of how I love to capture real life experiences on film. Gosh, you could mistake his buttocks for a sign pointing ‘this way’!

All my sessions are based on having fun. Creating an atmospheric room, with flames flickering, eerie yet cathartic notes provide a gentle background, while the sound of my stilettos are a tonic to ones ears. The smell, look and sound of my exquisite leather, my deep cleavage, and my big devilish smile gives an edge for this wonderful dungeon play! A concoction of hand spanking, heavy leather bondage shackled to my two metre diameter wheel, while wrapped in a leather straight jacket. Shocking electrics for extra stimulation, followed by a powerful boost from my Venus 2000 cock pump sending my slave into orbit! This IS what you may experience if you wish to session with me!

Pumped and Spanked.mp4 thumbs 768x485