Acutely Deeply Pleasurable

How can such a large penis fit into something so small? Is it any wonder how painful it can be when I finally release him from his penis shackle! Yet the pain he receives is so utterly pleasurable! It makes no sense to my dear gentleman as he endures intense discomfort. As I release the lock, the moment it pops open, there’s a deep sigh of relief, relief that is short lived! Having eased out his throbbing and very erect penis while my slave remains bound in tight leather, I remind him of how effective my glossy crimson nails are, as I tease him continually up and down his hard shaft. Spitting on it, teasing his knob with my velvety silky lips. Smothering his face with my succulent full breasts, slapping and then clamping his penis with the ultimate device in Cock torment, using my infamous Kali’s Teeth.

It’s a continual tease and torment for my leather clad slave, while his legs, arms, hands and body are bound in leather. There really is no escape, not that he would want to. It’s a psychological battle between his brain that keeps telling him he is in severe pain, and his penis that keeps telling him quite the opposite, he’s having all the pleasure!

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