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As the scene opens we find Mistress La Dyabla, wearing only a g-string, cropping her slaves ass. The slave is whimpering as his ass starts to show tram lines and welts and she tells him to ask for some hard ones. He does and she naturally obliges. As she continues to crop him she tells him he should be enjoying the pain. One blow is so hard the slave stupidly swears. She strikes him hard and says “That is for swearing.” She delivers another hard blow and adds “And this is for being born.”
After many tears Mistress switches over to a small flogger that delivers a misleading amount of pain especially as she strikes the slave as hard as she can. She uses it on his ass and also his back. Satisfied she has punished him sufficiently she tells him to lay on the floor. She stands over him and tells him to open his mouth, she is going to wash away all the pain.

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