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Miss Jasmine is walking through her house and into the living room where you await her. Your jaw drops as you see her in her garter and stockings, panties and bra with her breasts fully exposed. She recounts how you recently met at a vanilla event and she mentioned to someone else in your crowd that she was into g01den sh0wers. Your eyes lit up, as you listened, and she noticed the stiffness in your pants as well, and then you went red with embarrassment. Now here you are alone, she has agreed to see your privately, and since she knows your secret she is going to train you to be her toilet.

“You will come over from now on, pamper me with beautiful gifts, and drink my piss” she tells you. She has you on your knees but now she stands and removes her panties and touches herself. “You will drink everything that comes from me” she tells you. She squats down and soon releases a hot stream of her nectar onto the floor. She pees on her fingers and has you lick them and then releases even more pee as it runs like a river after a rain storm. It’s a literal flood, you better be thirsty. “I told you I had to go” she says with a giggle. “You want piss, now you’ve got it” she tells you, and then directs you to crawl in and to start licking it up. She orders you to do a good job or she will be sharing this little secret with your circle of friends.

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