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Miss Jasmine comes pouncing down the stairs but then sees you there kneeling in front oh her. “Oh it’s you again” she says with disdain. She sits on the steps and calls you her foot sniffing freak. Your timing is perfect though because she happens to be wearing a pair of socks that she wore in Europe last year and has still not got around to washing. She removes her sneakers to reveal the socks. “It’s kind of pathetic that the only way you will ever get my attention is paying for and sniffing my dirty socks” she says.

She puts her sock covered foot into your face and asks if you can smell the sweat and stink that is trapped in the fabric. After talking about where her socks have been she removes each sock slowly, keeping them up in your face. Once off she spreads her toes and tells you to crawl closer. As she waves her feet in your face she asks if you prefer her current organic foot sweat or if you like the fermented foot sweat on her socks? Jasmine wonders what would ever happen if you met a woman and she found out about your foot fetish, watching foot porn all day and masturbating to women’s feet. “She’s going to think you are gross and she’s going to dump you for a real man who looks at tits and ass, and you’re going to be all alone. sniffing these stinky socks” she says as she brings them up to your nose. Why deny your purpose, breath them in.

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