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Here’s a classic from 2010, enjoy it again or for the first time. In the last episode between Ariel and her brother, you will recall that their parents went away on vacation. This left Ariel in charge of her slave brother for several weeks without any interference from their parents. The twisted adventures were many… and in the last episode when Ariel was sitting on her brother’s face and frcng him to lick her ass, their parents called to say they were on their way home and they were starving. They asked Ariel to make a nice big salad. Well, Ariel and her brother started making a salad before their parents came home.

But there was NO SALAD DRESSING! quickly Ariel came up with an idea to solve the problem. She grabbed her brother’s cock and starts jerking him off. They will MAKE THEIR OWN brand of salad dressing if necessary. then Ariel starts playing with her brother’s balls while he continues to jerk himself off until he shoots a HUGE CREAMY LOAD all over the lettuce. Ariel quickly mixes it all up just as their parents arrive home from their trip. Their parents will never know their dirty little secret.

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