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Miss Jasmine looks amazing as this scene opens. Gorgeous stilettos, garter belt and hose and a shiny PVC outfit along with her beautiful face and body. You’ll long to be the guy locked in her trample floor when you watch this one, despite his pain. This is a new slave and he made the mistake of mentioning he doesn’t like nipple torture, so naturally she takes her heels to his nipples right from the start. She then has him kiss the soles of her shoes before she removes one and has him lick and kiss her hose.

“I think he needs a proper whipping down there where he can’t guard” she says as she reaches for a crop. Now we see that the slave already has his balls in a vice and they are being crushed. She starts to flog his dick and he starts to moan like a little girl which only amuses her and makes her want to hurt him more. He appreciates the break when she feeds him a foot again and he kisses and licks with utter devotion. Now she starts to strike his cock and she reminds him that he said he wants to be hit there a thousand times. He tries to cross his legs and she tells him “Open yourself to me, I’m not in the mercy business after all.” As he spreads his legs she bends over and strikes him hard on his cock again, his punishment has just begun.

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