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You kneel in front of Kandy and she has your pillow in hand. She uses it to wipe her ass and such but today she has an extra special treat, she is going to fart all over it so you can enjoy the smell in your dreams. You’re bound to be dreaming of nasty farts and full toilet servitude to Kandy and all her friends, all night long, with your nose and head buried in the pillow. After reminding you what she has previously done to the pillow and what she plans to do to it, she turns around and hovers her ass just above the fabric and then her anus expands as a juicy fart blasts from her ass. Then she farts again and again and says when she is done you will use the pillow to wipe her ass and make sure she is clean. More for you to enjoy.

She sits fully on the pillow to really get the odor deep into the fabric. Now she tells you to lick her to loosen her up. Nice low and high angles give you an amazing view of Kandy’s plump ass and sweet puckered hole, including the gas actually leaving her body, before she calls you in close again so she can blast a fart right in your face. It should be up your nostrils now. “I leave you in chastity because I know otherwise with the smell you’d be hard and masturbating all night” she tells you. After some more derogatory remarks, she calls you in for one last fart before she locks you up in your cage. naked with nothing but your pillow. Sweet dreams!

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