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After 10 years as a massage specialist Amelia is about to take care of her last customer. After years of lewd comments and sexual advances she has had enough and today she has decided her last customer will pay the price. He might even be a nice guy but not likely as most men have a dark side and need to be punished. As she walks in the room the customer is laying on his stomach waiting for his rub down. “Sorry to hear about your back” she says as she secures handcuffs to the side of the table. She tells him to bring his arm back as she has something to hold it in place. As she secures the cuffs to his wrists he asks “Are you sure this is standard procedure?” Once secured she now breaks the news to him that he is her final client and this treatment will be unique. She pulls out a paddle and takes it to his ass. He yelps and begs to be released. They are are only beginning.
After a good beat down on his ass Amelia lays on the floor and climbs under the bench where the customers nipples and cock and balls are exposed. She teases him by first sucking his cock but just as he starts to relax she slaps his cock and punches his balls. She reaches up and twists and pulls on his nipples. “I’ve had a lot of terrible customers over the years and I finally have a chance to take it out on someone” she tells him. As she punches his balls he says “But I’m a nice guy.” Amelia isn’t buying it and before his session is over he will pay for all men. As a last gasp effort he says he thinks the treatment worked and he’s feeling better. “The treatment is an hour” she tells him as the slave screams out in despair. She tells him when she is done he might need a psychiatrist but not to worry she knows a great one. “My sister is a psychiatrist” she says with delight. Finally Amelia gets back up and pours a nice thick cream on the slaves back and starts rubbing it in. The customer asks why it smells so bad and she explains it’s a 10 year collection of cum she’s gathered from all her clients over the year. The slave cries out totally beaten and humiliated. What a great way to end a career for Amelia and fortunately she got it all on camera for you to enjoy.

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