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Miss Jasmine and TS Staci are coming down the stairs and talking about what a fun party it was the night before.They come in the kitchen and are pleased to see the house bitch is still working and just finishing up. So nice to have a clean house considering the place was trashed when they went to bed. “Why don’t be show our gratitude by making dinner tonight” Jasmine suggests. “Yes, we are going to make dinner tonight” says Staci, “Or should I say, dinner of you tonight.” The scene rolls over and the slave is now on the kitchen island and it appears he is the main course. They decide they should tenderize the meat first so Jasmine reaches for a crop while Staci opens a drawer and pulls out a studded paddle. Staci goes to town on his shoulders and Jasmine focuses on his ass. Neither of these ladies are really interested in a buildup and they go hard right from the start. The slave kicks and screams but this only makes the girls laugh and go harder.

The slave starts to beg for mercy and they say they’d like to go easier but he’s not quite tender yet. Staci reaches for some tongs to pull on his dick and they both continue the flogging. The camera man sneaks under Staci’s dress to reveal her cock but then the focus is back to the beating above. “Making slaves cry” Jasmine says with a laugh. Once they feel he is tender enough they pull out some lemon and some hot pepper sauce to apply to his welts and bruises. Staci then turns on the oven and gets a box of salt and spreads that all over his body too. Now it’s time for more tenderizing and if the slave thought the worst was behind him he was sadly mistaken. Jasmine tells him to relax that he’ll soon be in a warm place, almost like a sauna. The camera goes over his body and it’s clear the slave is definitely as tender as he’s ever going to get.

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