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Lady Bellatrix has her gimp out in the forest and has already written all over his frontside but now has him get on all fours so she can write cunt on his ass. She leaves him there on the public trail while she goes for a jog. Soon she comes running back as she has to pee. “There’s my human toilet” she says. She decides to use him as a stool. So close and able to watch but denied her tasty nectar. Soon she is covering the forest floor with her piss. “Soon someone will be licking that puddle up” she says.

Bellatrix has the tightest tasty midsection, pussy, legs and feet. You will wish you were the one on all fours. Now she makes her slave sniff the pee before stepping on his head. “I’m going home now, you can crawl home behind me” she tells the used and humiliated slave. As she skips away he crawls as fast as he can to stay up. If you imagine being used by a powerful superior woman in every way, at home and in public, this is the clip for you.

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