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It’s late and Mistress Keres is putting Kenny to bed in the dungeon where he sleeps on the floor but first she treats him with a golden shower so he can soak in her essence all-night. “You were a good slave today” she tells him, adding “I like to do it just like auntie Paige used to do it every night.” Keres knows it will leave Kenny shaking in the cold but as she tells him “No one said being a slave meant being comfortable.” Keres has a nice trimmed but hairy pussy and she really has to pee, as you’ll see. “I’ll see you in the morning” she tells him.

The scene rolls over and now it’s morning and Keres is on the bed talking to her boyfriend. He can’t make it over for a few hours to fuck her so she decides to get Kenny up from the dungeon to attend to her needs. As a cuckold kenny knows he can not expect his penis to ever be in his wife’s pussy so today she humiliates him further by making him wear a strap-on. As she secures the strap-on on him she strokes his cock and tells him it’s way to small to please her. “I hope this isn’t to frustrating for you, but I did let you cum last month” she reminds him. As Kenny penetrates her she closes her eyes to think of her boyfriend James and even calls out his name as she is getting fucked. First she has Kenny lay on her then she has him on his back so she can ride the dildo. Soon she has a great orgasm, Kenny gets only the pleasure of knowing he has warmed her up for boyfriend. As she sends him away she tells Kenny to go wait in his cage and after James has fucked her he can come suck her pussy clean.

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