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After much effort, Woman Leilana has her slave all trussed up and put on hold in the dungeon. He is currently her human swing. As the scene opens up, she pulls on the ropes and also makes him move like a swing. “Now I can play with you as high as I desire,” she claims as she enriches on him, walks across his body, then puts her bare ass onto his face. She changes to totally cover his nose and also mouth. When he starts to struggle, she offers him a breath as well as quickly remains on his face once more. “You’re my brand-new swing collection,” she states.

This clip is an one-of-a-kind combination of chains, trampling, foot praise, and also face sitting, and also when Leilana begins to properly swing, she pulls her skirt off the beaten track to offer you a magnificent sight of her silky smooth pussy. She even executes some acrobatic stunts on the servant prior to she remains on his face once more as well as tells him to lick up all the sweat. When she has had sufficient, she tells him not to go anywhere because she may have some friends over later to try him out. She establishes her swing in motion and walks out of the area. “Do not go anywhere!” she calls back at him.

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