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Miss Jasmine walks into her dungeon with a paddle in her hand and looking amazing in black including a leather corset and boots. Meanwhile her slave is locked up in her stock knowing what is about to happen. “I haven’t used this much and need to test it out on someone that’s vulnerable and in his tender spots” she says as she reaches out and takes his balls in her hands. She rubs both sides of the paddle and asks the slave which he prefers. One side is smooth the other studded. The slave knows better than to reply so she uses the studded side.

She starts with some solid strokes of the paddle across his cock and balls and then follows it with a few hard kicks to his groin as well. Jasmine comments how she loves how his balls flop up when she strokes them with an underhand motion. Jasmine occasionally takes his balls tenderly in her hands but the slave knows it is short lived as she squeezes them and proceeds to flog and kick them some more. She drops the paddle and presses against his crotch with her ass. He is aroused but the pleasure is only a temporary distraction as she soon is back kicking his nuts again. Jasmine has no immediate plans to let this slave free. Kicking him is just too much fun!

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