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OMG I am so proud of my extremely warm, 18 year old, gorgeous, all new Goddess !!! Today is Siren Draya’s very first day of being a Mean Woman… not only that she has never in her life ever before done any sort of fetish work. She is new at this and also I truly assume we are blowing her mind, a lot!!! LOL! Siren Draya is killllling it! When I talked to her when she obtained below today she was a little worried and I told her, just be yourself as well as DON’T KEEP BACK!!! And also let me inform you, she is definitely NOT keeping back.

I understand Goddess Draya is completely mind blown by exactly how insanely worthless our servants are. She has never in her life seen men be so submissive. It is constantly stunning to all brand-new Mean Girls, including myself when I started.

Let’s get down to organization … Siren Draya has actually never kicked a man in the spheres ever before! So when I informed her that our servants are so submissive that we can kick them in the balls as tough as we perhaps can, she really did not’t think me. Hahaha!!! I needed to clarify to her how useless these losers are and also they will do anything to be around us. I told her exactly how well ballbusting offers so they will certainly compromise their revolting rounds just to make us a fuck ton of cash. Let’s face it, there is no way any kind of beautiful ladies like us would ever before even consider touching their balls anyhow apart from to destroy them.

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