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Ms Sinstress has her slave laying on her cage. She is holding her case of sounds and plans to violate his little pee hole, a reward for the punishment he has previously taken. “Do you prefer this or getting kicked in the nuts?” she asks him. She sticks the first tool inside him and literally disappears. She switches to a much larger one. Once properly filled she moves up onto the cage and sits on his face and tells him to stroke himself. He’s rock hard but Sinstress mocks him that it’s still so small. “It could never satisfy a woman” she tells him.

Mistress makes the slave suffer under her ass and tells him if he can cum with the sound in his cock she won’t kick him in the nuts again today. In addition to cutting off his air she also pulls and twists his nipples. She tells him she is not getting up until he comes but if he taps out he can’t cum and she will resume kicking him again. Just in the nick of time he blows his load. Ms Sinstress says “I guess no more ballbusting today… but there’s always tomorrow.”

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