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Fulfill your chair duties underneath the phenomenal Riley Reyes’ glorious, all-encompassing, facesitting ass as she ignores your very existence! Alternating between sexy Reverse Headscissors and Prolonged Ass Smothering, Riley Reyes takes her face seat through a critical lesson in Facesitting – that is to be a docile face seat for her sheer enjoyment!

As your face is helplessly smothered, let your Queen take selfies, ride, grind, and flex her ass muscles all over your upturned face! All you can do is hold onto dear life, quietly thanking the gods above that you’ve been chosen to get taught where your true place is as The Light is stolen from you; replaced with Goddess Ass!

Riley Reyes has a playful, sexy, youthful demeanor as she bounces on your moaning face then squeezes the submissive yelps right from your soul! As The Darkness overtakes you, remember one thing: all prayers are going directly into Her Facesitting Ass, against which nothing can save you! Enjoy the rising fall!

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