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At My beck and call, slave crawls to the end of My feet in complete obedience and desire to worship. Today My gorgeous legs and Goddess feet are adorned in tight pantyhose and red seamed stockings. They are so smooth, silky and arousing to caress and deserve to be worshiped for hours. slave is so eager to kiss My feet, I warn it to treat My feet with utmost respect and fear. I see how aroused sniffing and kissing My feet makes the worthless slave, I subject it to a cruel pantyhose tease as it lays beneath Me like a mere footstool. Stuffing its mouth with one of My sacred stockings and wrapping the other around it’s cock and balls, I create My pantyhose plaything and now it’s time to play with it. Between My silky soft high arch soles, it tries to beg for mercy but all I hear is muffled moans. I’ll give it a reason to moan, as I make its face My cushion and smother the stocking stuffer under My butt for as long as it pleases Me. It will worship with it’s whole life, forever teased and denied.

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