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A petite dominant girlfriend in a sexy blouse and black fishnet tights practices various facesitting positions, sometimes diluting it with a hard fullweight trampling on the head of a slave. Kira does not spare her obedient servant at all, therefore she sits on his face with all her weight, thus the slave holds his Empress only with his neck. But when such a beautiful ass in fishnet pantyhose sits on your face, you do not think at all about how difficult it is for you, but only about how lucky you are to be worthy of giving your face instead of a chair for such a Goddess that you are not worthy. It can be seen that it is very difficult for the slave to breathe because the ass of the Goddess sits right on his nose and tightly closes his mouth, yes this is fullweight ass smothering femdom to. But if the human-furniture slave thought that this was the best thing that happened to him, then he was wrong, because Mistress Kira suddenly decided to lower her pantyhose and sit on the slave’s face in only panties. Only thin thongs separate the nose of the slave from the fragrant anal hole of the young Goddess during facesitting in panties.

But the slave should not receive only such undeserved pleasure and the demolition of the Queen, therefore, lastly, Kira arranged for him a hardcore head trampling. The Mistress ordered the slave to lie on the bare parquet floor and with both feet stood on his head with all her weight, absolutely no soft pillow or rug under the slave’s head gives its effect – you will see from the slave’s face and emotions that he is in unbearable pain, but the Mistress does not care. Because Kira very loves head standing trampling fullweight.

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