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This was a HOT last minute custom with slave, who paid $400 to participate on top of the $3,100 he spent to spend 2 days serving me. The bat is REAL & tho I added sound effects there was real impact. The bat just didnt make much noise on impact but slave sure did lol. Have i mentioned how ive been beating up boys since grade school. I was always told to behave & not be so rough with the boys. hahahaha silly people, making you cry is what makes me so happy.

Harley Quinn encounters a purpleloser on the way to find puddin. The purpleloser tries to put his loser hands on her & POW, Shes not having this . Bats his face, ribs, & balls then smiles before high heel trampling him to tears. She Crushes his head with her powerful thighs and leave him breathless under her big beautiful ass. Never touch a princess or youll ok.

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