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Goddess Chloe is waiting in the dungeon for new latest client. She has been hired by the wife of a rather rude man to whip him into shape. He enters and immediately begins a big showing of bravado, infuriating her. Goddess tells him to disrobe and after a few more sexist comments he acquiesces. The man kneels at Goddess Chloe’s feet as she lets him know of the predicament he’s in. His wife has hired a divorce lawyer and Goddess represents his last chance to save his marriage. Pondering his options, the husband relents and offers his submission to her instructions. The husband is soon licking Goddess’s boots, cleaning all the grime from the floor. Chloe makes him admit to being just a bitch as his tongue polishes the smooth PVC. She dangles her heels in and out of his mouth and berates him further. Next, she sits her ass directly on his face as she enjoys a cigarette. He is made to recite more humiliating lines as Goddess Chloe smothers him with her supple ass. The husband breathes in her scent as she grinds her ass harder into his face. Satisfied she’s made her point, she stands and retrieves a chastity device. Goddess Chloe locks his cock up and tells him he’ll be taking over his wife’s chores. He’s sent away and told he can return in one week for a progress report and possible release.

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