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Mistress T dominates her slave, who pushes the bed. She looks stunning with her small corseted waistline and also huge breasts and also you get an incredible sight of her world-famous ass in the mirror. “It’s time for some face-sitting fun,” she says. “You know just how I love to use your face as a seat; use your mouth for my pleasure.” She informs him he’s a slave to her butt and when she hovers over his face he attempts to lift his head to lick her ass. She gets him to show some control while she gradually lowers herself onto his face and after that rests full weight. “My huge sexy, juicy butt drives you crazy, doesn’t it?” she asks him. She leans onward as well as tells him to gently lick around her asshole. With his tongue back in his mouth, she gets on his face again and also shows no mercy.

Mistress T stands on the bed over the slave and also gives him an impressive view prior to she kicks back down. “I want you to endure a little bit,” she informs him prior to she sits on his face side saddle, which really squashes his nose. It injures however the slave has a jumping penis so his stimulation is obvious. “Getting my ass occasionally means pain,” she informs him. She rocks on his face as well as the servant groans in pain. She ultimately leaves and lies on his upper body so he can currently easily consume her asshole. She returns to full weight-face sitting and also extends her hot legs before her. She raises her arms to show the sexy lines from her underarms to her busts. She tells the servant that if he desires air he’ll have to raise her. He struggles to obtain her up and also earns only a pinch of air before she changes and also rests on him once again, complete weight. She gets his hands so he can not lift her. “Exactly how intimate,” she says, while the slave kicks listed below her. She takes him to the limit and when he totally reaches his snapping point she rolls off him and also needs that he get his tongue back in her ass that second. The slave sucks air however still procures his tongue deep inside her.

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