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Latex fans will love this scene! Not only is gorgeous Miss Jasmine all dressed in rubber but her slave is as well. “You want to be close to my crotch, sniff my pussy and ass?” she asks. “Well you’ll be close to it but what you’ll really be smelling is my latex,” she says, as she looks directly at you. So close but oh so far away… As Jasmine sits on her slave, the thin barrier of rubber prevents him from breathing, and she loves to test his limits. She’s also wearing pantyhose and mentions that she’s very sweaty as a result. She says that if the slave is lucky, she’ll wring them out on his face later so he can drink the sweat. Mmm, delicious.

After reverse sitting for a while, Jasmine faces forward and you get some great upward angles of her ass on the slave’s face. As she talks, the slave starts to twitch and thrash for air, but Jasmine is in no rush to get up, and when she does, it’s only for a second. The latex positively glistens and Jasmine rubs her hands over it so you can hear the sound the fabric makes. She switches positions to lie on top of the slave, this time on her stomach, and restricts his breathing yet again. Each time, she pushes the slave to the limit before she moves back into a reverse face sitting position. She decides to remove her boots and sit on his face, but this time, she simply lies back on him and has herself a nice nap. Goodnight!

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