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Miss Muscle has her slave bound on the discipline bench. She gets home from the gym and tells him that she is very sweaty and she is going to sit on his face so he can breath her in. As she blocks his air she flogs him a bit and then pulls down her shorts so her ass is on his face. She then removes her shorts and rubs them on his face before sitting back on him and ordering him to stick his tongue up her asshole. She pulls her panties to the side so he has easy access.

“Maybe I should take you to the gym so you can lick all the ladies asses” she suggests. “I bet the old widows would just love it, they probably haven’t had a tongue up there ass in forever” she adds. Muscle lifts her feet and arms in the air so the slave gets her full weight and when he starts to kick she gets up and flogs him some more as well as slaps his face. Next she removes her panties and stuffs them in his mouth before putting him a scissor lock and threatening to make him her full toilet. “Maybe I’ll bring my trainer over tomorrow and ride his big black clock while you are locked up here” she suggests. Finally she sits back on his face and pulls his nipples, laughing while he kicks for air.

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