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Sexy Lily Fatale finds her small dicked slave disgusting and she loves mocking him for his micro-dick and making him suffer for it. Of course the slave has no control over his dick size but life is not always fair and some are meant to be on top, the others there to serve, as is the case with this worm.

As the scene opens Lily walks up to the slave and slaps his face and tells him to kiss her boots. She then makes him kiss her ass through her jeans, then sniff her pussy, and then she drags him over to the face sitting box where the fabric of her jeans will really make him hurt. She makes of crushing his nose backwards and then to get his mind off that pain she pulls, squeezes and slaps his cute like peepee. The scene rolls over and now she is wearing only lingerie but still on his face. She makes him stroke himself and his erection is about 2″. She rubs her pussy into his chin and it turns her on enough that she reaches in her panties to touch herself. She only stops to slap his dick a few times. After getting herself really wet she takes her moist fingers and sticks them in the slaves mouth. So beautiful and such a hot body, any man would gladly suffer for Lily Fatale.

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