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Goddess Samantha has been using her slave for hours, trampling, flogging and face sitting him and he is exhausted. She doesn’t care though and in this scene she shows no concern for her slave and sits on his face again, this time telling him to jerk off and show her how much he loves being under her crushing ass. The ante is high, if he fails to have an orgasm, Samantha won’t get up off his face. He’ll just be left there to kick until he can’t anymore.

As the slave struggles under her weight she reminds him that if he does cum his life will consist of being her doormat, and nothing more. His sole purpose will be to be under her, carry her and do chores. Samantha gives a 15 second countdown, and lo and behold under the physical and mental pressure the slave fails to cum despite being clearly aroused. Oh well, just another victim it appears. Next!

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