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Lady Bellatrix has her servant at her knees. She asks him if she has actually been functioning him difficult and the slave stammers as well as stumbles on his words not exactly sure what the right response is. Lastly Bellatrix lets him off the hook as well as confesses that she has actually been functioning him tough and after that asks him if he ‘d such as a remainder. “Yes, please” the dummy solutions without a seconds though. Maybe to his surprise she lets him lay down on the love seat. “Are you dumb?” she asks him as she lifts to rest on the arm of the sofa and after that while relaxing one foot on his upper body sticks the various other in his mouth. She calls him a cocksucker and claims she must find a prick for him to draw. “I’m indicate to all my servants” she says adding “You need to be mean to keep them eager.”

She really face fucks the servant as she tries to obtain her foot completely in his mouth. She after that steps onto his breast and also jumps on him as she squats. She hangs her butt over his face as well as makes him lick the natural leather skirt. Finally she rests complete weight on his face. While doing so she massages his penis with her foot. She draws her feet from his cock, his pleasure of little rate of interest to her as well as currently grinds his face with her ass, making him kick for air. Bellatrix finds it rather loosening up so prolongs her feet throughout his body. The slave believed he was going to get some relaxation today right here he is kicking like his life remains in risk.

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