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Goddess Amelia isn’t a huge fan of exercise but when she does exercise it always involves punishing a slave because then it’s not work it’s just fun. “You did say your dream was to be a girls bike seat, right?” she asks the slave. Oh well, if not it’s probably yours and that’s all that matters. Watch as Amelia works up a sweat and really gets the slave struggling beneath her, both from the movement and weight, but also as he struggles to catch a breathe of air from time to time. Once she has her terry cloth outfit all damp she takes it off and has the slave sniff the crotch. First however, she waves her big beautiful ass in front of the camera and tells you to come in and sniff it. She spreads her cheeks so you can see her delicious butt hole all moist and sweaty. Go ahead and have a lick.

She then hops on the slave naked and bikes some more. There’s a nice little slow mo section where you get a nice view of Amelia’s big fat ass bouncing and can see how it really grinds into the slaves face. Being a bike seat is hard but so rewarding. Now really wet from sweat Amelia gets off the bike and lays on the floor. She tells the slave to get off and come lick her armpits. She spreads her legs and tells you to lick her ass and pussy. “If I fall asleep just keep licking” she says.

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