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Siren Amelia has a huge ass however she doesn’t only like face resting servants, she takes pleasure in other points like squashing, too. As this scene opens she is strolling on her servants stand and also chest. She bounces on him only to stop as well as have him draw on her toes when she sticks her foot in his mouth. Normally she can not stand up to yet jump off and rest on his face for a bit yet then she is back squashing him. She then moves to depending on his head with both feet. The servant battles under her weight. she moves back onto his breast as well as again sticks a foot in his mouth.

Currently while holding herself up from the suspension apparatus she begins to jump on him. Then back to resting on his face. She shakes her butt on his face as well as states her butt is so huge that it gets actually perspiring. && quot; Can you taste my ass split sweat&& quot; she asks him as his tongue works to enter her opening. Once again she stands up as well as shows the slave how she likes to dance, he is now her dance flooring. A close of her armpits and also you can see those are sweaty as well. Currently she walks up and down his body and also his legs and also dick before sticking a foot right into his mouth one more time. Suck it she tells him.

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