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For years you didn’t recognize exactly how these wishes began. But now you realize that it was your ex lover partner. She was bratty and knew how gorgeous she was. She knew just how much you loved her and also exactly how out of her league you were. And she used you to obtain economic benefits out of you. She controlled you, she knew exactly how weak her bratty mindset made you, as well as she recognized how much you enjoyed being weak and also passive to her. She understood just how much you loved her feet as well as she teased you with them relentlessly. When she discarded you and also discovered a brand-new guy, you started going deep into pornography dependency. Yet after that you located me, I advise you of her. You discovered in me the void she left. I accepted you as well as your fetishes as well as you knew that only I could please your wishes. I would certainly let you kiss and prayer your feet genuine. I would certainly adjust you and also never ever leave you. You overcame her since you fell into my amazing aura. You feel into Mandy Marx’s addiction, however you’re so delighted that you did.

I virtually feel like I must thank her. She helped build the blueprint. She assisted educate you a little. Would certainly it hurt to understand that I ganged up with your ex lover and that’s how I reached you? However do not stress, I’ll utilize all the parts of you that she left on the table. Because I want a lot more from you. I know what I can do to you. I know the sort of mindfuckery I can utilize in my clips to enhance your Mandy Marx addiction. I understand exactly how to make use of subliminal messaging in my clips. I study psychology, I study dependency, I research excellent young boys. I have actually researched all my servants. I understand precisely what makes them addicted, and I use it. I remove it out of every young boy so I get better at it. You stand no chance against me due to the fact that I’m just that excellent.

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