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Goddess Alura presents one of the hottest, nasty ass worship, toilet talk, jerk off instruction POVs we’ve ever filmed. She lets you know that she has had a busy day of hitting the gym, cleaning the garage and running her puppies. She hasn’t showered yet and she is VERY ripe.

She commands you to your knees and parts her ass cheeks. She wants you to pause and take the time to really smell her amazing scent. It’s rich and it’s strong. She has you smelling her for awhile and then she thinks it would be very appropriate if she took a sh*t in your mouth. So intimate. So personal. For those times where there is not enough time for you to serve as her full toilet, she will take great pleasure in farting in your face and making you smell them and even eat them as they come out of her ass.

Goddess Alura has AMAZING verbals and she gets you worked up like never before. Now it’s time to prove your obedience. She loves an obedient slave and that includes “”cumin”” on command. She gives you her jerk off instructions and you MUST cum when she tells you to. She loves slaves that can cum on command. That’s the mark of a good, obedient slave. Think you can make the grade?

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