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Sexy Princess Lily is dressed just in underwear as she hooks her finger at you and tells you to creep to her. She looks down at you and calls you her little bitch as well as smiles seeing you on your knees desperate to please her. As my new servant I intend to advise you that a person of your obligations is to tidy up after me, as well as by clean up after me I indicate to lick my filthy ass she informs you. She then discusses that her Goddess tasks as well as way of living maintain her so busy that she sees no reason that she should stress whether she has cleaned correctly so she will not wipe, you’ll clean her with your tongue and afterwards you can see up as well as close that she is sparkly tidy. Now she stoops up on the bed as she is going to tease as well as torment you with her best ass. She wants you to want it so poor that you’ll be determined to be not just her toilet tissue yet her complete bathroom. She sticks her panty covered butt in your face and offers one cheek a little spank.

She runs her hands all over it then pulls her panties to the side and spreads her cheeks broad telling you to push your nose on her anus and sniff due to the fact that she has not cleaned properly and also you should get used to her significance. Aren’t you thrilled to lick that, it scents excellent doesn’t it? she asks you. She then reveals you her pussy and also tells you that you will certainly never get that, you are her butt and toilet servant and the only time you will certainly touch her by any means is when your tongue gets on her unclean hole. Currently she tells you to lick her, There must be a nice unclean treat in the for you she says. She then includes Certainly you’ll be doing a whole lot greater than simply licking me, you’ll be consuming everything that comes from my butt … and also you’re going to like it. Lily then clarifies that she has a partner and she gives bathroom service to her also, so you will be a commode as well as butt licker to both of them. When both of us get on the bed kissing you are mosting likely to be licking our dirty asses, she states adding that when they are making love they will certainly never ever need to quit if they need the commode, you can simply open your mouth, it’s your filthy task.

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